Community Phonecast

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Mass-communication that is immediate, direct, and personal.  A live-event that builds meaningful engagement.

Community Phonecast℠ clients leverage their current communication strategies with a tool that places a priority on interpersonal, dynamic, two-way communication.

Innovative, Engaging, Dynamic

A Phonecast℠ thousands of participants in a live conversation on a single call.

Your speaker takes live questions and interacts directly with Phonecast -participants.  A poll feature captures participant opinions on queries during the call.

Powerful Scale

A university, non-profit, or business could send an informational mailing to 50,000 members, or it could Phonecast℠ the same group and engage directly and immediately with the 15,000-20,000 who join the Phonecast℠.

Valuable Investment

A Community Phonecast℠ Event compares to a modest direct-mail package.  The return-on-investment is much higher, however, because join rates and data-capture easily exceed direct-mail yield.